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Curiosity may cure boredom, but there’s no cure for curiosity. I’ve had it, always: a hunger for first times and new faces. I yearn for fresh challenges and uncharted territory. I’m unapologetically ambitious, with a schedule that’d make your head spin. But adventure is my weakness - There’s so much to see, so many new first times around the corner.  I pursue the things I desire with fervour. The thrill’s in the chase, and I am a keen hunter.




Fly Me To You

Life is short. Send me the invite. I love travelling and I’m lucky enough do so with frequency. I’m available worldwide, with European trips being especially easily to accommodate. Advance booking is vital, but a few friends with generous plans have made breakfast in London and dinner in Zurich/Paris/Brussels/Istanbul a reality. Colour me impressed!

Your place or mine?

I prioritise outcalls to your hotel or home, or incalls where I can arrange a 4-5* hotel for us. Hotel incalls may incur a small additional cost, and incalls at my Central London apartment (W1) are limited and by prior request.


My rates are listed on my contact form, but may vary for non-standard dates. I recommend a minimum of two hours, but I especially adore dinner dates for a first meeting. Monetary matters can be settled in person (please place my gift in an unsealed envelope) or digitally.


I utilise various discreet methods to ensure my safety - that may be a brief chat on the phone, your name and hotel room number, or a reference from another companion. I practice absolute discretion and take your privacy incredibly seriously. My being attentive to these things is the very core of what our time together will be about.

Making Plans

My schedule fluctuates so the best way to set up a date is to let me know a few options that work with your schedule ahead of time. Same day meetings are sometimes possible (it never hurts to ask), but if you can then 48h+ notice is appreciated.


If I’m booking a hotel or a flight (if I incur non-refundable expenses) a deposit may be required. If you need to cancel deposits can be transferred to a rescheduled date, just be in touch with 24h notice.


Write to me


Let me know who, where, and when.


Ask me out…

Before you reach out you may want to have a read over my Frequently Asked Questions.

Filling in the form below is my preferred way for you to reach me and gets things moving quickly, it’s delivered straight to my phone and provides all the details I need to reply without too much email ping pong. I strive to live in the moment as much as possible, and I much prefer getting to know you over a drink and some easy laughter, rather than from behind a screen.

If you’re unable to fill in my form please enquire directly at

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